Introducing Kahoku



The city of Kahoku is located approximately in the center of Ishikawa prefecture and lies 20-25 kilometers from the capital city of Kanazawa. On March 1, 2004, from the five towns in Kahoku County, the three towns of Takamatsu, Nanatsuka and Unoke merged to form the prefecture's ninth city (shi) after Kanazawa, Hakusan, Kaga, Komatsu, Hakui, Nanao, Wajima and Suzu. It also marked the first merger of the "Great Merger of the Heisei Era" (since 1989) within the prefecture.

Geographically from east to west there is a mountain range, a hilly region, a terrace region, a lowland region, a coastal region and the Sea of Japan to the west. In the northern area, the Omigawa River flows into the Sea of Japan and in the southern area, the Unokegawa River flows into the Kahokugata Lagoon as a green, natural environment surrounds the city.

Also in Kahoku, there is the foremost national historic relic site of the Kamiyamada Shell Mound remaining from the middle of the Jomon Period (about 12.000 BC – 300 BC), the Omi Nishiyama Yayoi no Sato Monument Park; a sea and coastal museum which introduces the folk wisdom within traditional fishing tools; the Nishida Kitaro Museum of Philosophy presents the "Inquiry Into the Good" of philosopher Kitaro Nishida, the literature the professor is associated with and a technologically advanced introduction to philosophy; and the Ishikawa Prefectural Nursing University specializes in training for health care and social welfare programs. Therefore, this is an environment surrounded by facilities that promote education and well-being.

Currently, the decentralization of authority is continuing, and we are moving into an age of local autonomy. However, as we worry about tax revenue, the national government is reforming such programs for national subsidies and reduction of tax allocation. Public finance is in as severe a situation in this city as it is throughout the nation.

In this day and age, in order for us to respond to the wide spectrum of people's requests, there is a need to evolve with prompt accuracy. We must further develop the financial reform with an attempt to intensify the efficiency of administrative and fiscal foundations and take the necessary measures to assess our priorities.

Now known as the city of Kahoku, the amalgamation of three former towns, strives for unification while the fundamental principles of the city's plan for community development aim to create "a pleasant city with eternal abode, surrounded by nature and the ocean." We believe that it is important to implement a well-balanced community with character, while respecting the history, culture, and traditions of the previous three towns.

The Municipal Government Administration would like to continue to "walk with the people, talk with the people and create for the people" as a base motto. Also, along with the people, we would like to engage in creating a "dynamic city with abode." We sincerely desire to make the utmost input of fair and impartial administrative decisions, so that in the future, when our children's generation comes along, they can say it was a good thing to have merged together.