Municipal Symbols

Kahoku City's Municipal Flower, Tree and Bird


Cherry tree


Rugosa Rose


Kentish Plover


With the establishment of Kahoku City Comprehensive Plan in November 2004, a people's survey (3,000 applications, 900 valid responses) was used to decide the city's representative flower, tree and bird.

Based on the responses of the questionnaire, the Kahoku City Comprehensive Plan Deliberative Council established the symbols as these are "symbols which give an image of collaboration among citizens and a sense of unity."

Both the Rugosa Rose and the Kentish Plover were chosen as the city's representative flower and bird since they naturally grow and live in the areas of the three former towns. The cherry tree is a precious tree, as boulevards of them can be seen throughout the city. Since one of the city's four seasonal festivals also happens to be the Cherry Blossom Festival, the cherry tree was chosen as the city's symbol for its future development and the citizens' reconciliation for the new establishment.

Because the citizens' attachment to their respective former city symbols (Nanatsuka's Rugosa Rose, Takamatsu's Kentish Plover and Unoke's Kamiyamada Weeping Cherry Trees) is very strong and also because the natural treasures of the three former towns took high rankings in the questionnaire responses, they were established as city symbols.