Kahoku and its sister city Messkirch (Germany)

Details about the sister city affiliation


Each of the two cities is the place of birth of a world known philosopher. So was Kitaro Nishida born in Unoke (now part of Kahoku) and Messkirch is the hometown of Martin Heidegger. Based on this main common feature, but also on having a similar size as well as similarities regarding natural surroundings and culture, Unoke and Messkirch became sister cities and signed a contract of their sister city affiliation on May 3, 1985.



Kitaro Nishida


Martin Heidegger


On March 1, 2004, the municipalities Unoke, Nanatsuka and Takamatsu merged into the City of Kahoku. The sister city affiliation between the former Unoke and Messkirch was retained and on July 6, 2004 a new contract between Messkirch and the newly formed City of Kahoku was signed. 


On October 2, 2005 the 20th anniversary of the sister city affiliation was held in Messkirch and a delegation of 26 people from Kahoku lead by mayor Aburano participated in the festivities. Until the present day there are being organized yearly exchanges of students as well as adults between the two cities.

2005 Jubilaeum1


About Messkirch


In Southern Germany (Federal State of Baden- Württemberg), close to Switzerland, at a hight of 624 meters above sea level.

A city with a long history

The name of the city has been documented for the first time about 1000 years ago. Throughout a period of more than 800 years, until into the 19th century, the city had been ruled by powerful noble families.

A beautiful city in green environment

Messkirch is situated on the tourist popular Baroque route and has a population of approximately 8.500 inhabitants. The city also includes seven smaller communities in its surroundings.

In the city centre there can be found the Castle of Messkirch with its beautiful castle garden (“Hofgarden”), planted with a large number of lime trees, over 200 years in age. A place of tranquility for its visitors.

About the name “Messkirch”

The name derives from the term “Church of the Holy Mass” and traces back to the history of approximately 1.200 years for the town to be a place of devoutness.

In the year 1261 Messkirch was officially documented as a city. 


View on Messkirch with the castle and the St. Martin’s Church


 Castle Garden (“Hofgarten”)


                                                                          St. Martin’s Church