30th Anniversary of Heidegger's Death, 2006

Kahoku delegation and adult group visit Messkirch to mark the 30th anniversary of Heidegger's death (May 24 to 27/31, 2006)

May 26 is the Memorial Day of Messkirch's honorary citizen Professor Dr. Heidegger, who passed away in 1976. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his death, Messkirch hosted a commemoration in cooperation with other institutions. Among the invited guests was the delegation of the sister city of Kahoku.

An official delegation of four people including Deputy Mayor Mr. Hasatani and an adult group of four people traveled to Messkirch to attend the devotional and wreath laying ceremony at Messkirch City Cemetery. The visitors from the sister city also attended the commemorative held in the municipal hall on the evening of May 26.

The official delegation departed after a four-day stay, whereas the adult group experienced the culture of Messkirch and the German culture for an additional four days.

Greeting, Mr.Zwick and Mr.HasataniWreath laying ceremony, Messkirch CemeteryCommemorative at the municipal hallMr.Zwick and Mr.Hasatani with picture "Field Path"