Kahoku youth group visits Messkirch, July 2006

Kahoku youth group visits Messkirch (July 3 to 11, 2006)

A group of five students from each of the three junior high schools in Kahoku and three chaperones visited Messkirch from July 3 to July 11 in accordance with the Student Exchange Program. It was the first student group to visit Messkirch since the city of Kahoku was established.

The Japanese guests were accommodated in pairs by the families of German students. Since most of the German students had been to Kahoku as participants in the previous student exchange the initial period of timidness resolved quickly. The Japanese students had learned a few German expressions at an explanatory pre-departure meeting, but for the most part English was used as language of communication.

The Japanese student group attended classes in the schools Martin Heidegger Gymnasium and Grafen von Zimmern Realschule on several days. The Japanese students were interested in the fact that there are no school uniforms in Germany and that great importance is attached to the advancement of the students' independence and individuality.

Further items on the agenda were sightseeing in Messkirch, the inspection of a mill as well as a hiking trip to Wildenstein Castle. However, the highlight of the stay was the overnight trip to Brigelhof Farm. After exploring the farm premises and watching the farm animals the students were allowed to spend the night in the hay. Another interesting experience for the Japanese students was the participation in a school sports festival.
For one weekend, the Japanese students had the chance to experience everyday German culture by spending the weekend with their host families.

Upon saying goodbye after 8 days spent together many tears were shed. For the Japanese students the experiences made in Germany will certainly be unforgettable.

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